9.00: assembly at Adam Mickiewicz Square

10.00-13.00: visiting the historic Palace in Rogalin ( - the residence of the Raczyński family. During your stay in Rogalin, we plan to visit the palace interiors, the painting gallery adjacent to the palace, and a walk around the riparian forests of the Warta River.

13.30-14.30: return to Poznań and walk around Szachty in the valley of the Junikowski Stream in the southwestern part of Poznań. Szachty is many ponds, which were built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, during the construction boom, due to the activity of the nearby brickyards, which extracted raw material for the production of bricks in the area. The brickyards ceased training in the 1970s, the excavations filled with water, creating ponds, and the surrounding areas were taken over by vegetation. Szachty is an exciting example of a valuable green area with many ecosystem services.

15.00-17.00: sightseeing of the Old Town of Poznań, which we will start with Śródka - a climatic, revitalized district of Poznań and Ostrów Tumski - the historic place where Poznan has its beginnings - and then we will go to the Old Market Square, where the trip will end.

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