About the project

The subject of the project is the mapping and assessment of services provided by the main types of ecosystems in Poland in a practical context.

To achieve the above, following activities have been planned: selection relevant ecosystem services (ES) and their indicators for main ecosystem types in Poland; mapping and assessment of ES in national, regional and local scale; cross-cutting analysis of ecological, cultural and economic values of ES; identification of significant ES synergies and trade-offs and relevant ES bundles; dissemination and exchange of knowledge. The deliverables will include list of ES and relevant indicators for main Polish ecosystem types, maps of main ES values, critical literature review for ecological, cultural and economic values of ES, as well as case studies in different spatial scales.

The project results will be communicated to interested stakeholders through: informing the media about the project and its practical social and ecological values; organizing the meetings for administration representatives and expert-practitioners; presentations of project results at conferences as well as in scientific publications; providing information about the project and its results on the project website. The deliverable summarizing the project results will be handbook on ES approach for environmental management.

Media about the project

Project implemetation peroid 01.10.2020 – 01.09.2023

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